I am Decinta

I am Decinta

How to Find Designer Clothing/Bags At The Thrift Store

I absolutely love thrifting, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to Thrift Designer brands. I have found so many nice pieces like;  Tory Burch pants, Lacoste shirts,  Prada sunglasses, Lilly Pulitzer and more… Now, let me say I don’t just shop for designer clothing all the time I somewhat love the thrill of finding theses gems on a normal day at any given thrift store. Today, I am sharing some helpful tips  my own personal thrift shopping journey.

Shop on 50% off days at your local thrift store

That’s right! Every week most thrift stores have a special color tag sale day so make sure to keep up to date on their website or next time you head in-store. You are looking for sales that are normal anywhere from 30%-50% off and once in a blue moon they have tags that sell for just $1 or $3 each!

Be the first person through the door

It’s probably no news to you that I just started my own Shop My Closet Thrift store online. In order for me to get these handpicked items on my website www.capturedbydartis.com. I have to be one of the first person in line to get ready to shop for the day. Sometimes stuff is priced for way less than it’s worth therefore the good stuff is sure to fly out the doors quick.

So……. make sure you’re the first person in the door so you can get to the really good deals first. And don’t forget to always ask an employee about current sales every time you shop!  Major Gem

Shop when seasons change

I find the best stuff when the seasons change. It’s the time when people clean out their house and give stuff away. During this pandemic, a lot of people have been cleaning out their closets which means a lot of great finds await you on the racks. Now is the time to check out your local thrift stores for some of your staple fall items.

Treat your local thrift store employees like family

I am a firm believer of this saying “treat people how you want to be treated in life”. Well … this still applies when shopping at your local thrift store. I’ve found from my bubbly personality that a simple smile with a little small chat goes along way. Sometimes they will give you inside scoop on sales or items you’ll looking for at that time.  

Location Matters

We’ve heard the saying “The nicer the neighborhood, the nicer the thrift store”, this is about 30% true especially if you want to find famous designers like Louis Vuitton. Gucci etc.., . While you can find gems at just about any secondhand shop, stores in wealthier areas is often where I find my higher-end items (just speaking from experience). What are your tips for thrift shopping like a boss? Share with us in the comments below! 

Hey there, I’m Decenta (yep that’s really my name lol). I’m a Charlotte based Creator, Mom, and Wife. I launched my blog back in 2023, and over the years, I’ve used my platform to share moments related to motherhood, personal style, beauty, food, and marriage.

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