I am Decinta

I am Decinta

How to Plan an Affordable Cabin Trip – Cheshire, Oregon

It’s always fun to explore new places on vacation, but the real reason for travel is the opportunity to create new memories with loved ones. Given the conditions we are in right now a cabin trip was perfect for what we needed from the hustle & bustle Seattle life. Marcus and I recently took our first cabin trip to Cheshire, Oregon.

The warm feeling remains in my head of the breathtaking sunset and those nights spent sitting cozily around the firepit. At times it felt like there wasn’t anyone around for miles. It’s exactly what was needed to make us feel refreshed and rejuvenated during this pandemic.

When you book a hotel, you don’t necessarily plan to spend much time there. It’s a place to sleep and take a few showers and start your adventure. We searched high & low to find a secluded cabin with some of our “must have” amenities, such as a peaceful/quiet space, surrounded by nature, and fire pits. (insert affiliated link here)  

Here are ways you can plan your budget friendly cabin getaway:

Plan Your Recipes

It’s no secret that dining out can really dig into your travel budget. Regardless of whether you’ll be using the stove at your cabin, or the firepit if there is one, you’ll want to know ahead of time what meals you’ll be eating so that you can pick up the items you need before embarking on your trip. Make sure you check out Pinterest for ideas on camping foods! (insert affiliated link here)

Take Advantage Of Any Cabin Discounts & Amenities

Some folks just like to kick back, stay put at the cabin, and maybe complete a hike on a private trails or enjoy nature. Make sure you check to see what is included in your cabin before securing your deposit. Most cabins have are surrounded by many things such as; ocean views, private facilities, climate controls, internet access for your own laptop, and a flat-screen TV with DVD/CD/ Record player. You want to make sure that your cabin includes; refrigerator, stove, breathtaking views of nature. When searching for the best cabin make sure to look into all of the “free” amenities.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the great outdoors with activities and sports that get you away from technology and into the present moment. Some activities would include but limited to ATVs, boating, kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Whether you’re a hardened survivalist, an experienced camper, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, anyone can appreciate the benefits of a well-constructed campfire while you roast your marshmallow. (insert affiliated link here )

You can find cabins in all sorts of wild places from lakesides to mountain ranges. Most are small and cozy, and traditional, giving you a chance to channel your love for nature as you listen to the birds chirping. Have you ever rented out a cabin ? Where? Leave a comment below

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